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Chrome Wheel Repair

Chrome wheels are very special and unique when it comes to repair. If you have a damaged chrome wheel, bring it in to Rollo’s Solutions. First thing to know is the fact that chrome is a material not a finish. A wheel finish can include silver, machine, polished or a special color code. Chrome, a material, is placed over the alloy/ aluminum wheel and cannot be repaired only on the spot that is damaged. If this process is done incorrectly the material can and will chip off.

If you are looking to chrome a specific area in your wheel, we will remove the chrome off the entire wheel and re-chrome it to make sure you have a quality brand new wheel. This process will prevent your wheel from having a two tone chrome look and chipping off days after the repair. Another name for the wheel chroming process is to "dip" or "re-dip" a wheel. All chrome wheels have a one year warranty from the day of pick up. At Rollo's Solutions, we recommend to straighten and fully repair your wheel prior to re-chroming.