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Custom & Factory OEM Wheels

Rollo's Solutions has many options when it comes to wheels for your car. Whether you are looking to replace O.E.M./ Factory wheels or completely give your vehicle that personal touch with custom aftermarket wheels, we have a knowledgeable staff to help you.

Rollo's Solutions carries a wide variety of OEM and custom wheels for your convenience. Search my Year or by Make for wheels, or contact us directly for special orders.

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Available OEM/Factory Wheels

Rollo's Solutions has access to thousands of factory OEM wheels at prices up to 80% Off retail. We will locate your wheel event if we do not have it in inventory.

Large Stock of Custom Wheels

At Rollo’s Solutions, you have more to choose from when it comes to custom wheels. You should not feel like you are limited to a certain design, type, or even the wheel size. Most of our wheels come in a variety of finishes such as silver, machined, chrome, chromium black, polished, chrome stainless steel, hypersilver, hyperblack, *custom colors and much more. We have a great selection of rims, from regular size wheels to staggered fitment wheels; the front size differs from the rear. Some of the wheel characteristics are the lip size, some come with inserts, and some have rivets.

We have special equipment to mount and balance tires and rims from 12 through 32 inches. If you are interested in three-piece wheels, we can get them for you. Forgiato, GFG, Giovanna, MHT, Asanti, Auto Couture, H.R.E, Savini, are some of the major three-piece wheels that we sell at Rollo’s Solutions. Three-piece wheels have become a bit popular among luxury vehicles. These types of wheels can come in what is called forged wheels and these are meant to be lighter in weight and stronger in its structure in comparison to other regular wheels.

In the one-piece and two-piece wheels, we offer several brands to choose from as well, such as, Gianelle, H.R.E, Forte, Enkei, Lexani, Lorenzo, Venti and Helo just to name a few.

Used Custom Wheels

At Rollo’s Solutions not only do we sell new custom wheels, but also used custom wheels. If you are not looking forward to spending too much money on custom wheels we do give you the option of getting used custom wheels, in good condition at a less expensive price. Whether you decide to trade-in used custom wheels or any original equipment, Rollo’s Solutions has to provide the Houston Police Department with paper work showing from where we are getting such merchandise. The idea of this is to make sure that the merchandise you are trading in or selling to us is legitimately yours.

*If you would like to paint your wheels the color of your car, we can do that in-house as well. Please call Rollo's Solutions and ask for details.,

Recycle Your Old Wheels

Please bring your items to the store so that we can agree on a fair price. Unfortunately, we are not able to give you a quote over the phone because it is best that we inspect your wheels and/or tires physically at the store, again, to give you a fair price.