New & Used Tires

in Houston, TX

Got a flat? We can fix that! But, sometimes it's just about that time to get some meatier tires on your vehicle to ensure the safety and performance of your ride! We offer all major brands in any size needed for both new and used tires. Save big by choosing used tires! The amount of tread left on a tire is the best indicator of how used or worn they are. At Rollos, you'll find deals for used tires with 60-95% tread still left on them for much less than the retail price of the same new ones! Any tires that aren't fit for the road are disposed of and recycled responsibly!

Original & Custom Wheels

in Houston, TX

We offer one of the largest selections of original wheels (commonly referred to as OEM wheels) in Houston! OEM (original equipment manufacturer) wheels come directly from the manufacturer as the stock wheel options on a brand new vehicle. If you're looking a classic, clean look, give us a call and we'll beat any dealership's brand new retail price. We also carry a huge selection of custom after-market wheels ranging from luxury to racing and off-road performance custom wheels. Call us today, and we'll help you get started!

Wheel Repair

in Houston, TX

We straighten, repair, re-finish, re-polish, paint and fix almost any damaged wheel including OEM rims. If you like your current wheel style, but you wanted them in a different finish, we can powder coat your wheels any color combination with any finish ranging from matte, semi-gloss, glossy, machined, and more! Looking for a little pop? Ask about getting your wheel calipers painted to match the body or wheels of your car!

Paint & Body Shop

Now Offering Body Shop Services

Rollos Solutions is proud to officially announce our body shop services! We've all been in a fender bender or an accident, or maybe you've side-swiped a concrete bollard in the parking lot. Let us take care of your vehicle and get it looking as good as new. Get the best price available, and enjoy a hassle-free process by borrowing one of our loaner vehicles while we work on your car. We pride ourselves in the quality of our paint and body work!

Our specialist can walk you through everything!

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in Houston, TX

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