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Body & Collision

Now, we've been painting wheels and calipers since 2007 as a part of our wheel repair services, but we're proud to announce the new addition of our body shop division at Rollos Solutions!

We've already gotten to work on some vehicles with some new team members that have been doing this for over 20 years. At Rollos, we pride ourselves in our work, so you can rest assured that any paint or body job needed for your dinged up vehicle will come out impeccable.

When you work with us, you get access to a limited option of loaner vehicles, so you can go about your business while we restore your car or truck. We love taking care of our customers and getting the job done in a timely matter that doesn't sacrifice the quality of our work!

As mentioned before, our wheel repair division has painted more wheels and calipers than you can imagine, so we've gotten our process down to a science. Other shops often use liquid paint that won't last and can peel on its own without any physical damage to the wheel. We strictly use powder coat paint and bake the color onto the metal just like they do at the manufacturing plant––and yes, we've got an oven big enough for your vehicle! That's why can offer a lifetime guarantee on the paint––because we know that it's never coming off! Of course, this doesn't cover physical damage and scrapes to the metal, but that paint will be baked in forever or until the next coat of powder paint.

Besides the calipers, wheels, and body of your vehicle, we can paint almost any part you like! Exhausts, hitches, and all kinds of metal parts are all fair game––even if it's not car related. Just ask us about what you would like done, and we can make it happen–– Rollos finds the solution.

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