New & Used Tires

New & used tires for every kind of vehicle.

New Tires

We have thousands of new & used tires available! For over 30 years, Rollo’s Solutions has been the best place to get new & used tires at reasonable prices!

All tires, including low profile, come with manufacture’s defect warranty. This warranty covers deficiencies on tread, abnormal breaking on side wall and other defects on tires. Road hazards are not covered by this warranty. Most new highway tires come with a depth of 10/32 seconds of tread. All tires have a tread bar that measure 2/32 seconds and is the indicator for when new tires are needed. The closer to 2/32 seconds your tires are, the less control you will have on your vehicle on a rainy day. Obtaining new tires is a great way to ensure your ride to be suitable and smooth.

Used Tires

Our warehouse holds over seven thousand tires with every size available from all major and even lesser known brands. Our selection of take-off and used tires is so extensive, that you'll have the option to pick the used tires with the amount of tread that fit your budget!

If you're looking for used tires that have been lightly used with very low mileage on them, we've got them–– just ask for 75-95% range of tread. Save even more with used tires in the 55 - 75% tread range. We source and sort our tires carefully to provide you quality used tires for a fraction of their new, retail price. We also dispose and ethically recycle any tires that are not fit for driving.

New Tires
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Used Tires
Save big with like-new take-offs.
Run Flats
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Get ready for adventure.
Racing Tires
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Carrying all your favorite tire brands.

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Frequently asked questions

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Do you fix flat tires?

Yes, we do! If you have a flat tire, bring it into our store for a plug or patch. If the sidewall of the tire is compromised, it's unfortunately not repairable, but we can get you used tire for a stellar price.

Do we have new or used run-flat tires?

Yes, we carry run-flat tires.

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